For one week each summer, hornists of all ages meet at the beach

                                                                                      for lesson, lectures, and performances. Guided by our outstanding

                                                                               HORNCAMPS! artists, participants can be assured of instruction

                                                                                             geared toward making YOU a better horn player. Our artists

                                                                                     combined years of performing and  teaching expertise has helped

                                                                          guide many of our former participants success on the horn.  



HORNCAMPS! offers three curriculum tracks to help achieve your goals.

*The ABCs of Horn Playing program is for students seeking improvement for

themselves, for school, and for events such as solo competitions and

honor band auditions.

*The Adult Experience is specifically formed for adults not in music as a

livelihood but want to be the best horn player possible.

*The Audition 101 is a fast track is for those of college age and above who are

pursuing the horn as their livelihood.


If you are a horn teacher with a private studio and interested in sending

three or more students to HORNCAMPS!, ask about a discount for yourself!                                                              


*After reading the complete course descriptions you feel that you would like to cross over to another

section, please contact HORNCAMPS!. All workshop members participate in horn choir sessions.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         HORNCAMPS! is open to all hornists; no audition is required. All classes are formed on experience and ability to insure each participant as much individual attention as possible. We do limit our numbers per class to assure that participants receive the highest degree of personal attention possible.







14th HORNCAMPS!Workshop

at Daytona Beach


LH concert DSC_6111

2019 Costs

$900 - full tuition and shared room

$980 - tuition and single room

$680 - tuition only


Only three steps to Horncamps!

1. Complete application

2. Click submit before April 1, 2019

3. Payment by PayPal

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